What is the Exhibitor and Event Marketers Association?

The Exhibit and Event Marketers Association is a not-for-profit organization which seeks to “raise the level of service excellence on the showfloor” by improving the working conditions and practices of those exhibitor appointed contractors and other individual showfloor professionals that provide exhibit services on the trade show floor. Embodying the customer service arm of the trade show industry, the association’s focus will be on education, safety, career development, and a nationwide networking forum for all showfloor professionals.

The E2MA plans to work closely with TSEA, HCEA, IAEM, SISO, ESCA, ED&PA, IAAM, CEMA and all other industry associations to create a balanced team effort for producing trade shows.

We believe that the tradeshow industry is built upon the foundation of the work of the showfloor professionals.

We believe the tradeshow industry will only achieve its greatest success and prestige when all showfloor workers have expanded opportunities to maximize their talents and advance their careers as tradeshow professionals.

We believe that education and training are essential to develop the skills and abilities of the highly valuable asset that is in the showfloor worker.

We believe that a highly trained showfloor workforce will not only make the tradeshow industry more professional, more viable and more profitable, it will also serve as a fertile personnel recruiting ground for all tradeshow industry organizations.

We believe that the formation of the EACA will provide the final spoke in the wheel of trade show industry associations.


How do I get my company listed in the Exhibit Industry Buyer’s Guide?

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How do I purchase a Banner Ad or Featured Listing?

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