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Accent Tradeshow Furnishings

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Accent Tradeshow Furnishings

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3438 Maggie Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32811
Accent Tradeshow Furnishings

Furniture rental is one of the key elements in planning your trade show or special event. In order to make your event a successful one you must rely on the services of others. ACCENT would like to ease your stress by providing not only a quality product, but also exemplary, on-time, hassle free service.

ACCENT is able to service trade shows, special events, corporate gatherings and meetings. ACCENT has in inventory a number of different products to meet your needs. Whether it is creating a comfortable lounge setting or a professional conference area, ACCENT has what you are looking for. ACCENT would like to help you have a successful event that leaves a lasting impression on those who attend.

Online Brochure

Please take a moment and review our online brochure. We have a number of options including lounge settings, conference tables and chairs, display pedestals, as well as office settings. Our complete catalog is also available for download.

Accent on service... Accent on Excellence!

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